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Small, bootstrapped startups and indie developers

This solution is perfect for visionaries who are trying to change the world. These people are near to our hearts because we have travelled the same journey. With this solution, we become the equivalent of your CMO.

This can be great for bootstrapping clients with capital restraints. If you have a one-of-a-kind product that will captivate the world and it's a fit, we will work with you as an investment.

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Seed plus funded startups and SME's

This is our most popular offer with our clients. It is perfect for companies that need to maximise the reach of each dollar. In this case, we become your outsourced marketing team and develop a complete strategy individualised to your company.

We understand our client's situation and will cater to their needs in either Cash/Equity (when we’re early enough for that to be meaningful) and/or revenue share (when the product we’re helping sell will translate to real revenue in the short term)

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Companies with the budget and traditional mindset

This solution is perfect for larger well-funded startups or companies with the right budget. This offer provides the highest level of our creativity, time and resources because without this we wouldn't exist.

Our clients range from large corporates to lean startups - all of which understand that there is the need to stand out from their competition on every level. For any company wanting to share their vision with customer bases of any size, this is the offer for you!

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